Saturday, January 17, 2009

User Driven World

A User Driven World increases the speed of adoption of those emerging technologies that accelerate the fulfillment of basic human needs.

The “User Driven World” can be explained using a 2x2 framework that evaluates emerging trends as a way to fulfill a combination of basic human needs. In this framework, the speed of adoption of emerging technology has a direct correlation with the degree that the use of the service can facilitate the fulfillment of basic human needs. This framework can help us predict and understand the drivers of consumer adoption of emerging technologies.

I also believe that Cultural Differences impact the world-wide adoption of emerging technologies. For example, Mobility is a global emerging trend with specific manisfestations of adoption in local markets.

What is going to be the impact of the Democratization of Content for countries or cultures were people are used to protect knowledge from the general public?

Does a person in Japan use Google Maps in a different way than a person in US? Yes, just the same way I like to eat mangos more than I like berries.

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Stephen said...

Very nice post. Keep it up. :D