Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 Trends from Emerging Technologies Outlook

Last week on the Hill, I had the opportunity to address representatives of the goverment during the LISTA Technology Legislative Forum where I provided an outlook on emerging technologies.

I want to share the main points of the briefing:

Innovation and the Democratization of technology are driving the growth of our economy. Retention in technology, science, energy professions and the creation of green jobs propel innovation and position our country to compete in the new global and "connected" economy.

Solid understanding of the emerging technologies trends will position us to anticipate the needs of our economy and the consumer market.

Trends and Technologies:

1) Electronification of transactions (financial transactions, medical records), migration from paper to electronic medium.

2) User-generated content and democratization of information and knowledge ( adoption of web 2.0 technologies). Impact of user-generated trends to digital media and adversiting.

3) Mobile technologies ( mobile payments, P2P services, location - based services)

4) RFID, NFC impacting manufaturing, retailers, logistics

5) Adoption of Web 2.0 technologies (blogs, wikies, tagging)

6) Social networking

7) Collaboration technologies (teleconferences, videoconferencing) enable global collaboration and accelaration of innovation.

8) Cloud Computing

9) Nanotechnologies

10) Open Source Architecture