Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Leadership Tips to Start In A New Job

Today, leaders are moving into new roles more frequently than ever before.

Often new leaders want to understand where to start, particularly if part of their new leadership role if to form a new organization.
It all starts with Planning and Prioritization.The first thing to do is to create your 30, 60 and 90 days action plan.

The first 30 days: Get Exposure
During the first 30 days, you should spend most of your time understanding the organization and defining the value that you will bring to the team (both your immediate team and the organization as a whole).
You want to find the answers to these questions:
- How does the organization operate?
- How does the business make money?
- What is the business model? Products? Services?
- Who are the customers?
- Who is the competition?
- What is the regulatory environment?
In order to get a realistic picture don't just stay inside your office reading a bunch of powerpoint presentations and financial statements. You must expose yourself and meet people. Talk to the employees, peers, business partners and internal clients.

The first 60 days: Attract The Right Talent
I was recently in Los Angeles attending a Women Leaders breakfast where each participant received a copy of "Connecting My Dots". One of the new female leaders asked me where I find the time for mentoring given that I have a very demanding job. I told her that the answer was very simple- I manage a high performing team !
One of the most important roles of a leader is to attract a right talent and then create a high performing team. On my next post, I will provide 5 Tips that will guide through the process of creating a high performing team.

The first 90 days: Develop a Plan and Start Executing


Nisha said...

What are the most common characteristics of a high performing teams in your mind?

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