Monday, April 6, 2009

Social Networking Personality

We all have many dots2connect but we connect our dots in a different way making multidimensional connections.

I wrote about social networking personality types last year in a blog discussing the top 6 reasons why people join Linkend. Since then I have been observing social behavior in the Twitter community and found the same 5 social networking personality types.

Who are you? Do you hide your network / tweets from the broad community? Are you just a Spectator? Or do you fall into Malcolm Gladwell's categories? Are you a Connector with million of connections in your network? Are you the knowledgeable Maven who provides helpful insights but doesn't really spend much time connecting, or the Salesman with the perfect profile and persuasive recommendations?

Controllers are typically those with a few protected connections / messages and no additional engagement outside their own network. Even more extreme are those that I call Spectators with a lonely profile and no connections at all.

So, what is your social networking personality?

Are a Connector? Maven, Salesman, Controller or a Spectator?

What is the connection between your social networking behavior and your personality type?

Are active Twitter Connectors always Extraverts?

Take this online version of a personality test and find out what is your personality !

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